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What are the characteristics of the disposable anorectal stapler?

    The disposable anorectal stapler is suitable for resection of rectal mucosa prolapse or suspension repair of hemorrhoid tissue.

Product features:

    1, Tissue compression thickness is adjustable (0.75mm-1.5mm), suitable for PPH surgery or STARR surgery, can perform mucosal and submucosal tissue and anastomosis of rectal anastomosis;

    2, More stitches (32pcs,34pcs) can ensure a good hemostasis effect and better ensure the blood of the anastomosis move; 

    3, Overall center rod design, integrated ring knife, better stability of the device, suitable for asymmetric anastomosis (STARR surgery);

    4, Lower tissue withdrawal can be dragged into more tissues in the operation, to achieve better treatment effect, and prevent treatment Inadequate levels (Under Treatment)

    5, The body scale mark can clearly indicate the coincidence position;

    6, Hardening treatment of medical 304 injection molding integrated ring knife head, has a high hardness and sharpness, and can ensure tissue resection In the STARR operation, can ensure the nail cut and the unique blade design make the cutting more stable;

    7, Complete surgical set, suitable for different groups of people and special circumstances;

    8, Unique material cutter ring, to provide good listening and tactile feedback when firing.


    1, Single click, single patient use;

    2, The position of the purse-string suture must be about 2.5-4cm away from the tooth line;

    3, Make one step to ensure the white dialogue (P to P).

Common specifications:

  The outer diameter of the Nail warehouse (mm)

Inner diameter of suture (mm)





1, Stud warehouse content accumulationThe tissue can accommodate the removed tissue.

2, More titanium nails: Design of stitches (32pcs、34pcs), excellent hemostasis effect.

3, Safety lock: It has the function of automatic opening of insurance in place, without the operator manually opening the insurance block. When the insurance is automatically opened, the window indicator needle will enter the green insurance firing area synchronously. At this time, the doctor can still fine-tune the staple closing height according to the tissue thickness of the patient.

4, Hand shankFinger movable handle, hold in place, one hand click easy to operate.

5, Indicate the window: Tissue compression thickness is adjustable, with a wide (0.75mm-1.5mm) staple molding height.

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