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Disposable anorectal stapler and accessories

    Disposable anorectal stapler and accessories, also called Disposable Hemorrhoidal circular stapler.

    Disposable Hemorrhoidal circular stapler has two categories: stapler PPH (superior hemorrhoid mucosal ring incision anastomosis) and TST (open loop minimally invasive hemorrhoid stapler). The specific difference between the two is that TST is a selective stapler, which is a new type of technology developed on the basis of PPH surgery.TST uses a special anorectal scope to form different open-loop windows, uses anastomotic probes to lock the hemorrhoids, and adjusts the resection range of the hemorrhoid mucosa according to the size and number of hemorrhoids, maximizing the protection of the normal function of the anus.

Product Features

  • ASHTMAdjustable Height Staple Technology: Provide the surgeon with more operating options(0.75mm-1.5mm) for different clinical needs, while reducing the hospital inventory pressure.
  • GSTTMTechnology(Guiding Staple Technology): New spindle socket provides an arched wall to the staple to ensure an excellent “B” formation.
  • Unique ‘Eagle Eye’ 240° vision indicator: Eagle Eye is an indicator window that provides 240° vision feedback, which enhances visualization for the surgeon during the procedure.
  • Hemorrhoidal stapler with enlarged windows design.
  • Ergonomic inlay grips provide comfort holding and no slippage.
  • Hemorrhoids stapler with optimized inner space, which can accommodate much more tissues.


  • Internal Hemorrhoids in stage Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Mixed Hemorrhoids, Rectal Polyps Rectal Prolapse.

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