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Disposable linear cutting stapler and components

    Disposable linear cutting staplers are mainly used for the creation of anastomoses and the closure of stumps or incisions in digestive tract reconstruction and other organ resection operations.

Product Features

  • Reinforced metal beam meets the more surgical requirement.
  • GSTTMTechnology(Guiding Staple Technology): New spindle socket provides an arched wall to the staple to ensure an excellent “B” formation.
  • Double center fulcrums design provided better control of the tissue gap.
  • This kind of medical stapler has a disposable knife blade, it is much safer.
  • Linear stapler with ergonomic inlay grips which provides comfortable holding, and no slippage.

Product Features

  • Gastrointestinal Surgery

Billroth Ⅰ, Billroth Ⅱ, Resection Radical of Carcinoma Colorectal, Transverse Colectomy, Swenson Surgery, Duhamel Surgery, Soave Surgery, Miles Surgery, Dixon Surgery, Whipple Surgery, etc.

  • Thoracic Surgery

Pneumonectomy, LVRS, Lobectomy, etc.

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