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What are the characteristics of the disposable tube stapler?

    The disposable tube stapler is suitable for end-end anastomosis, end-side anastomosis, and lateral anastomosis in digestive tract reconstruction surgery such as esophagus, stomach, and intestine.

  1. Flat ultra-thin nail base, small tissue damage, easy to enter the lumen and postoperative exit the anastomosis.
  2. Tissue compression thickness can be adjusted, which can ensure a good coincidence effect for different thickness tissues within a certain range.
  3. Precise cutting, convenient operation, reasonable number of sewing nails, reduce surgical bleeding.
  4. A larger internal cut diameter creates a larger lumen and reduces the risk of anastomotic stenosis.
  5. The optimized design of the cutter ring has clear sound feedback when firing, and an accurate sense of failure after firing.
  6. Suitable tissue protection gap to avoid excessive crushing and necrosis of the tissue.
  7. Use high-quality imported titanium nails, with a stronger suture tension.
  8. Increased aircraft tail adjustment nuts, easier to operate.
  9. The streamlined design is ergonomic and more comfortable to operate.

Note: The broken end of the intestinal tube prepared for anastomosis should be fully free and stripped by at least 2 cm; the exit stapler should be gentle and check whether the cut tissue is a complete ring; the distance of the pocket suture needle should not exceed 0.5 cm, the edge distance is 2~3 mm, and excessive tissue is easy to be embedded in the anastomosis, and be careful not to miss the mucosa.

Common Specifications

External diameter (mm)

Cut diameter (mm)










  1. Large inner diameter

Cut anastomosis inner diameter (# 25:17mm) to prevent anastomotic stenosis.

  2. Low nail anvil head

It is easy to put into the intestinal lumen and exit the anastomosis to avoid injury to the intestinal wall and anastomosis.

  3. CTC structure:

Tissue compression thickness is adjustable (CTC) with a broad (2.2-1.0mm) staple molding height.

  4. Concomitant puncture device: 

Simplify the anastomosis operation process, and facilitate the low anal preservation double anastomosis technology.

  5. Reliable

Click the safety button device to operate at ease.

  6. Listen to tactile feedback

Detachable anvil head design, cut washer, with good auditory and tactile feedback.

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