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Disposable tube-type stapler

    Disposable tube-type stapler, also called end-to-end anastomosing circular stapler.

    Disposable tube-type stapler is suitable for one-time surgery to avoid cross infection; increased bending curvature to facilitate the placement of instruments; overall annular knife to ensure reliability; unique needle design and treatment, more conducive to suture and resection.

Product Features

  • Diameters of multiple specifications, such as 25/28/31/33mm, meet a variety of surgical requirements.
  • Unique ‘BE’ Technology(Button Exit): After firing, Rotating, and tilt anvil provides a small cross-section. Easier to remove without tension and reduce tissue injury.
  • GSTTMTechnology(Guiding Staple Technology): New spindle socket enlarged the receiving area while the staple is impacted, and also provides an arched wall to the staple to avoid the distortion caused by deviation, and ensure an excellent “B” formation.
  • ASHTMAdjustable Height Staple Technology: Provide the surgeon with more operating options(1.2mm-2.2mm) for different clinical needs, while reducing the hospital inventory pressure.
  • Unique ‘Eagle Eye’ 240° vision indicator: Eagle Eye is an indicator window that provides 240° vision feedback, which enhances visualization for the surgeon during the procedure.
  • With optimized anastomosing outer diameter, prevent anastomotic stenosis.
  • Miconvery circular staplers use custom specifications titanium staples, and the intensity is improved, which ensures better anastomosis, and reduces the risk of bleeding after surgeries.


    The QEEA is applied among the alimentary tract both in open and endoscopic surgery such as end-to-end and side-to-side anastomosis.

-Esophagus Surgery

-Ligation of Esophageal Varices

-LAR surgery

-Esophageal- Jejunum Anastomosis


-wipers Surgery

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