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What is the difference between an electric laparoscopic stapler and a manual laparoscopic stapler?

    A cutting stapler is a surgical medical device that replaces traditional manual sutures. Compared with traditional manual suturing, stapler suture has the advantages of simple and convenient operation, shortening the operation time, reducing the probability of complications after surgery, and improving the efficiency of surgery, and is favored by downstream medical institutions and clinicians. At present, the stapler has been widely used in cardiothoracic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, hepatobiliary, spleen and pancreatic surgery, general surgery, urology, and other surgical fields.

    The laparoscopic stapler is divided into manual laparoscopic stapler and electric laparoscopic stapler according to different power modes. Among them, the electric laparoscopic stapler is simple to operate, saves effort and time, improves efficiency, and reduces the probability of medical accidents, the process of cutting and suturing tissue is continuous and stable, and the edge after tissue anastomosis is continuous, and smooth, compared with the advantages of the electric laparoscopic stapler, which is the development trend of the laparoscopic stapler. Studies have shown that surgeons use motorized staplers to reduce bleeding complications by nearly half compared to manual staplers.

     Figure A is the effect of manual laparoscopic stapler anastomosing tissue;
Figure b shows the effect of the electrokinetic laparoscopic stapler after anastomosing the tissue.
From the picture, the effect of the electric laparoscopic stapler after anastomosing the tissue is significantly better than that of the manual laparoscopic stapler.

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