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Who we are?

Changzhou Estall Medical Devices Co., Ltd. was established in 2023.

We have been in this field for more than 5 years.

We started with a rich experience now!

We are a solutions provider for human health, not only psychologically, but also physically, like ultrasonic surgical systems, anastomoses, surgical instruments, and medical consumables.

What makes us different?

We value customers.

Estall  Medical is dedicated to listening to the needs of our customers closely and keeps on a continuous effort to exceed expectations.

High-quality products are our pursuit. You can get every detail from us.

We value integrity.

Integrity is in our DNA.

Estall Medical is committed to doing the right thing.

Our purpose is to create mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and suppliers.

It is easy to find a supplier or client, but it is not easy to find a reliable supplier or client.

We value learning.

Estall Medical knows that growth comes from practice. 

We are constantly thinking, constantly improving, and optimizing the process, to provide customers and suppliers with more efficient services.

We value democracy.

Although it is for enterprises with a clear hierarchical system, democratic management is required.

When faced with a transactional decision, you can take the method of voting or brainstorming, respecting the opinions of most people, rather than the manager “Yiyantang” and deciding everything by yourself.

“Yiyantang” can easily lead employees to think that the affairs of the company have little to do with it. Anyway, they have no right to speak, and naturally they will not care about it.

Enterprises should implement democratic management and enhance the sense of participation of employees.

We value management.

There are different levels of management in an enterprise, and management at the strategic level is called strategic performance management.

One of the key points is to combine corporate strategy and business landing with improving the readiness of corporate human resources to solve the problem of people and things.

Business-level management requires the design of business process frameworks and business strategies. Our business process framework follows the value chain model, which is an enterprise business chain composed of activities that create value for customers (including external customers and internal customers) from the perspective of customers. This is the value chain model.

We value employees.

Basically, after employees enter the enterprise, they all hope to get good development in the enterprise through hard work.

Therefore, companies should pay attention to the career planning of their employees.

Whether it is a clear promotion path when entering the enterprise at the beginning, or the talent training carried out after entering the enterprise, employees must continue to maintain a state of progress.

While gaining a sense of accomplishment, it also has a sense of belonging to the enterprise. It believes that by continuing to work hard, it will definitely gain higher positions and salaries, which has played a good motivating role.

We value employees.


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