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What are the advantages of the ultrasound knife?

    Ultrasound knife, also called Ultrasonic knife is composed of main engine, handle, knife head, foot pedal, and other main components. There is a transducer in the handle, which converts the high-frequency electric energy provided by the host generator into ultrasonic mechanical vibration energy and transmits it to the blade at the same time to stop the bleeding and cut or solidify the tissue. The vibration frequency of the blade is about 55.5khz.

High-power ultrasonic waves instantly gasify tissue cells in contact with the knife head, breaking protein hydrogen bonds and causing cell collapse. Mechanical vibration creates friction heat to cut tissue and solidify and stop bleeding. Different operations require different knife heads. The ultrasonic knife system conducts current to the handle, where piezoelectric ceramic converts electrical energy to mechanical energy to vibrate the blade. The blade vibrates up to 55.5khz, breaking protein hydrogen bonds, restructuring protein structure, and coagulating proteins to close small and large lumens and achieve cutting, tissue coagulation, and hemostasis.

The advantages of ultrasonic knife
1. Cutting and separation are completed in one step.
2. Good hemostatic effect, can handle vessels below 5mm in diameter.
3. The working blade is the appearance of vessel separation forceps, so it has most functions of vessel separation forceps, such as separation, clamping, etc.
4. Because it is mechanical vibration cutting, there is no current through the tissue, which will not produce an electric spark and will not cause neural response due to current stimulation. It can also be used in patients fitted with cardiac pacemakers.
5. The low blade temperature causes little thermal damage to the surrounding tissue. Because the heat of the ultrasonic knife head is from friction, the temperature is much lower than the electric knife. The temperature of the blade is below 85℃. The operating temperature of the high-frequency electric knife is above 150℃.
6. No smoke surgery is good. At work, the organization of the organization will produce a small amount of water mist, but no smoke.
7. Uncharted scab formation. Unlike electric knives, ultrasonic knives rarely form an eschar. So there is no problem of secondary bleeding caused by eschar shedding.

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