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Estall Medical is a professional supplier of surgical instruments.
We are committed to building a marketing network connecting doctors and patients in all countries around the world.
​​​​​​​While providing doctors with quality products and services, it can help patients solve their pain.

Where do our main customers come from

We are more than providers, we are true partners


  1. We are an experienced provider of medical product solutions including ultrasonic surgical systems, anastomoses, surgical instruments, and medical consumables.


2. We have the capability to supply as per International standards keeping buyers’ specifications of quality, design, and finish in mind.


3. We have successfully catered to clients and look forward to meeting your requirements.


4. Our quality control measures and growth-oriented characteristics enabled us to export our 100% production. We are known for our prompt reply, always eager to serve our customers in the best way possible.

Any questions for us?

Normally we don’t set MOQ request for our clients. We know all business grow from small, we are supporting for trial orders. But we don’t suggest to order too small quantity. If so, the average cost would be pretty high especially in the period of shipping cost numerously.

For the instrument, we provide 1-year warranty for the hardware system (human damage is not covered by the warranty); for the software system, we provide 3 years warranty.
For consumables, we provide an extra quantity to spare.

Normally we just sell the products we have. But we can source something else to keep on our relationship if you have the requests.

Technically, our production lead time is about 25-30 days, and 35-45days when production line is busy. If there is any emergency, we could help to coordinate the schedule.

With our mission to help our customers cut down converting costs, we don’t believe in over-priced strategy.

Different manufacturers have different advantages on manufacturing cost, the supply chain behind them is also different. We improve the competitiveness on finish product costs by actively seeking best possible advantage products from standing desk manufacturers.

The nature of business is all about the people. We have the key partner to access to the whole supply chain and introduce the most competitive products among those standing desk manufacturers.

We never settle on quality with low prices to win the orders, it is not a long term business, but just one time sell/buy deal.

We have our strict SOP on manufacturing process inspection on site by our staff.

Standing desk are also tested for their performance, speed, loading capacity and stability by final quality control teams before delivery. Moerover, our component providers run addtional test procedures for their products on our standing desks.

This ensures quality product and timely delivery you can count on.

We have proven track record of creating smart, go-to-market solutions——all supported by a robust Quality System.

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